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I believe in taking action – seeking the right perspective, support and accountability, to move you from blaming and complaining to taking responsibility. I thrive on changing minds to create deeper self-awareness, kinder communication and healthier relationships.  


If you are a leader and a seeker who is committed to making positive change, then let's see if I can be of service.



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Executive Coaching

Sydney works with leaders in the workplace to inspire confidence, executive presence, goal-setting and vision. 


Through interviewing and “picture taking” of the present day culture, companies and individuals can receive feedback about how to make critical changes in the workplace to improve self-awareness, culture, communication and ultimately their bottom line. 


A specific road map to success is co-created with leaders and coach to develop a strategy that gets results and maximizes change with impact.  

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Personal Coaching

Sydney works with individuals on a one on one basis and customizes coaching based on the needs of the client. Many times the goals are both professional and personal and engaging a coach is the quickest path to success. 


Coaching is a highly personal relationship – one that requires an open mind, deep curiosity and commitment. Sydney brings this to all of her clients and asks them to bring the same.  Whether you are seeking support professionally or personally, Sydney works with clients by telephone, ZOOM or in person. 


Consult is free to see if there is chemistry.

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Team Building

Small, customized workshops, or offsite days of development, designed to improve communication, awareness and relationships in the workplace. Teams also have the option of engaging in assessments as pre work to deepen understanding of their coworkers and flex their leadership styles to better manage their people.


Topics could include:

  • Communication: What’s my Style and how to improve delivering and receiving messages. How to Give/Receive Feedback

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding what it is and how leaders can improve their own EQ and empathy

  • Managing Stress: Shift Moves to improve functioning, attitude and response to stress

“Sydney is a natural coach.  She is intuitive, creative, and supportive.  She demonstrates a remarkable talent for using her coaching skills and instincts to guide her clients in achieving their goals.  She is focused solely on her client, success-oriented, and light-hearted—a great balance for a career and Life Purpose coach” 

Diana E.

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