Syd Davis Coaching is passionate about generous listening, compassionate truth telling and improving work cultures and individual futures through a powerful coaching alliance. Sydney creates a safe space of fun discovery where clients feel safe, heard and supported, they become bigger, brighter versions of themselves. 


Here are their comments.


Sydney is highly accomplished in her field, and among the best group facilitators I have encountered. She brings to bear a wealth of best practice tools and techniques, applied personally and expertly with cross-functional and complex audiences.Sydney is uniquely able to guide groups toward their collective goals, while recognizing and building upon goals of individual members. I would recommend her to any organization seeking to increase productivity, improve corporate culture, and/or break down organizational siloes! 

Allison B.


It’s been my pleasure to work with Sydney on various coaching and training projects. She has an amazing ability to relate to an extremely wide range of audiences/participants and creates an immediate safe space where powerful and impactful training and coaching can get done, and get done well. She emanates her light and energy and it’s infectious to those that have the opportunity to work with her!

Mike J.


Sydney Davis is truly a gifted coach. Working with her allowed me to quickly understand what was holding me back from reaching my business goals. Using her compassionate and creative coaching style, she helped me clarify my next steps. Sydney has an innate ability to ask just the right questions, making the experience intriguing, intuitive, and very informative. In addition, her get-it-done approach is exactly what I needed to get back on track, and moving forward.

Marian B.


"Through coaching, Sydney helped me gain new insight, clarity of mind, and greater understanding of how and why I make certain decisions. Together, we identified where there was room for growth. She provided me with tangible tools to continue to develop and grow. Her guidance was invaluable!"

Genene S.


We had the pleasure of working with Sydney over the course of a few days at an offsite executive leadership program. Our firm's employees are scattered throughout the country and we work in a fast-paced environment. Sydney was great at teaching us how to communicate with each other in "grey" areas as well as improve our overall productivity. If you get a chance to hire Sydney, do it!!

John W.


The retreat was truly a meaningful experience: a fantastic venue, nourishing food, and a circle of women coming together in sisterhood. I felt very connected to the other women and learned a lot about myself. I was inspired on how loving and supporting everyone was in the group. It was a space where we were encouraged to share fully and to focus on our own wellbeing. Sydney is intuitive, masterful facilitator, great listener, and most of all has a generous heart.

Crista S.


I have been working with Syd Davis Coaching for six years. I was tired of complaining to traditional therapists about my childhood, job, and marriage and getting no results. I wanted tangible tasks and paths to achieving success and happiness. Syd helped me focus on setting smart goals and specific tasks to achieve my vision. I also feel that Syd's use of the Enneagram assessment was pivotal for me. I feel that working with her on my Enneagram gives me insight into why I make certain choices and development steps that will help me move forward.

Marie C 


I came to Sydney for help in transitioning from a career I was no longer satisfied with to a lifelong dream of returning to school to obtain a graduate degree. Sydney provided the expert knowledge to focus my many interests and help me find the common thread of my passions...I would recommend Sydney's services as a life and transition coach to anyone seeking direction or change in any aspect of their life. She will challenge and support you at an all out effort to help you realize your goals.

Olga A.


Sydney is an extremely talented coach, facilitator and leader. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated and spirited person; one who brings a wealth of knowledge about the complexities of human behavior to every work experience. It's not everyday that you meet an individual who is as motivational and dedicated to enhancing people's lives as Syndey.

Leemor E.


I came to work with Sydney at a huge crossroads in my career.  I had worked in the same place for over 13 years and now found myself out of a job and interested in starting my own business.  I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and focus to start all over.  I was blindly applying to jobs I knew I did not want when I started to work with Sydney.  She helped me focus on what it is I really wanted to do which allowed me to find the confidence in myself to move forward.  Her compassion and support made it possible for me to move closer to my career aspirations.

Cara M.