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Syd Davis Coaching offers small, customized workshops designed to improve communication, awareness and relationships in the workplace. 

Let us know what you need.

Sydney Davis speaking at Morgan Stanley

Assertiveness in Healthy Communication

Learn how you show up on the spectrum of communication styles and what situations or people may inhibit your ability to be more assertive.  In this interactive workshop we will practice shifting into finding the right way to say what we mean without being mean.

Attitude of Gratitude

A culture where employees feel appreciated is critical to success with both relationships and results.  Learn how you can improve your own mindset to think and act more positively and how to influence others to do the same. 


It affects everything and keeps us alive. Learn some very simple strategies to stop and re-set yourself by being the boss of your breath.  We practice many quick breathing exercises and strategies to slow down your mental noise, to respond with greater calm and clarity.

Change - Leading Through

The only thing that stays the same is change…yet we all feel challenged to accept changes that we aren’t choosing at times.  This workshop explores the mindset and psychology of the change experience so leaders can be better prepared.

Coaching Skills

Learn how to identify every day coaching opportunities and coaching tools that will improve communication and relationships. 

Drama Triangle

Getting off of it.  If you are surrounded by drama you may be attracting it without even being aware of how.  Learn to recognize the elements of drama and the shift moves to get back into neutral.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn what it is and what it isn’t and why it is so important to work on your own Emotional “E Q”


It is simple and yet so powerful.  It is a skill all leaders need.  Many times we get this wrong because we want to fix, change, rescue or problem solve.  Learn how to get it right.


Learn the basics of this ancient, wise and compassionate self-assessment tool and how it can lead to greater self-awareness and personal development opportunities.

Feedback: Giving & Receiving

Feedback is imperative to growth yet it has a bad rap and many of us get it wrong.  Learn some easy-to-use frameworks and have the opportunity to role play, practice and improve how you deliver and receive feedback.

Goal Setting

Often times it is how we set goals that keeps us from reaching them.  Learn about the power of your unconscious commitments and take radical responsibility for creating commitments that stick.


What it means to leaders, and learn about the “4 Pillars” to stay in your lane.  We will also explore the “4 Agreements” that support leaning into integrity even when challenged.

Life Balance & Self Care

In a hectic world of multi-tasking and fast paced living, we will experience burnout if we don’t learn the basics of why self-care is so critical and how to put it into practice in a way that lasts.

Listening Consciously

There is an expression that we have two ears and only one mouth for a reason.  Yet most of us are not effective with our listening and could use support. Learn what the common mistakes are and practice generous listening in a safe, fun and supportive space.

Networking Intentionally

It is not what you know but who knows what you know.  Learn why networking is so important, change your mindset to embrace it and simple strategies to improve how you grow your own network.

Parenting with Resiliency

The toughest job you’ll ever love and sometimes want to quit.  How to “find your strong” when you feel challenged and simple questions to re-frame the whole picture of what is most important.

Personal Brand

What is it and how to work on your own brand and deliver on it every time.


This is a great opportunity to stop focusing on others and learn about yourself.  We will take some assessments to see where we have strengths and identify our opportunities for growth.  We will set some actionable next steps to move this forward.

Stress & Time Management

Our two greatest resources that require careful managing = our energy and our time.  Learn what you are already doing well and what you could tweak to improve.

Team Building

Interactive workshop to help build trust, improve communication while having fun in a shared experience.


When we are honest and appropriate with our own vulnerability, we are creating opportunities for deeper connection and more honest communication.  Learn why it matters and how to create safe spaces for you and others to allow for vulnerability.

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