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Get outside, get moving and disrupt a pattern and magic happens!  


Einstein said it best "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

See what happens when you get outside your own thinking to connect in a more meaningful way with yourself, nature and others in a beautiful serene setting. 


Syd Davis Coaching organizes and hosts customized retreats

  • Maximum of 6 participants

  • At the Jersey Shore…1 hour from NYC and 1 block from the beach 

  • For businesses, families, or friends

  • Activity options: strength training, yoga, meditation, painting, bike tours, group games with a purpose, massage, facials to name a few…  

  • Sustenance - SDC works with a private chef to cater healthy and delicious meals

Personal Power Retreat

SDC offers Personal Power retreats quarterly which are all women and sell out quickly - more info and sample schedule.

"For me, a good retreat creates an environment that allows for ideas, feedback and self-reflection.  Attracts participants who can connect and encourage each other.A skilled facilitator who walks the walk.  And an inspiring setting.  Sydney Davis does exactly this with her retreats.  I look forward to returning next year!” 

Rebecca F.

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