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Sydney Davis

Sydney Davis

Insight ~ Action ~ Transformation

"I want to be a more effective leader..."

"Something is missing..."  

"I want more out of my life/career..."

"My relationships feel stuck..."

"I keep doubting myself..."

"I need a change but I don’t know how to make it happen..."

Does this sound like you?

If it does - and you are seeking to lead your best life - (“know better, do better” as Maya Angelou says) then you are ready for the journey of coaching. A coach is a thought partner, deep listener, compassionate truth-teller and intuitive wisdom-sharer who helps you learn and create opportunities for both the knowing and the doing.

Sydney is in service to be a life-changer. She is a seasoned, honest, authentic, and skilled coach. Her belief is that by being truly seen and heard, transformation is possible and dreams can become goals that are actionable. Coaching is a highly personal relationship – one that requires an open mind, deep curiosity and commitment. Sydney brings this to all of her clients and asks them to bring the same.


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Customized coaching based on the needs of the client

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Identifying your type provides insight into the lens through which you see the world

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Disrupt a pattern and magic happens!

Some of our Clients

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Can we Help You Reach Your Goals?


“I came to work with Sydney at a huge crossroads in my career.  I had worked in the same place for over 13 years and now found myself out of a job and interested in starting my own business.  I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and focus to start all over.  I was blindly applying to jobs I knew I did not want when I started to work with Sydney.  She helped me focus on what it is I really wanted to do which allowed me to find the confidence in myself to move forward.  Her compassion and support made it possible for me to move closer to my career aspirations.” 

Olga A.

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